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Recent "News" [Jan. 2nd, 2007|03:38 am]
SG 워너비 [SG Wannabe]


Unfortunately, poor JinHo is sick T_T

Therefore, for the SBS Music Awards (they won Producer's Choice and were nominated for the Golden Award) they performed with only DongHa and YongJun. However, this proved how awesomely awesome they are. I think sometimes they get shoved into the background with JinHo singing :x

They also performed on the KBS Music Festival. :3 Amazing.

*Note: I don't have the following clips, the ones I'm downloading aren't moving, though, which is why I'm not posting those links*
Clubbox for KBS, entire clip pt2
Clubbox for KBS, entire clip pt3 (pt 1 doesn't have SG wannabe)

Once my clips download, I'll upload them onto a direct download server :x