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sparkling concert

Hi! Just a quick request/question:

Does anyone know what songs (and the order?) SG Wannabe performed at the Sparkling Concert last week?

Thankyou ♥
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Thank you
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MV Stay Part 1

Hi all,
I need help... i'd like to see sg wannabe mv - stay part 1... Can someone kindly upload it for me in ss or filesend. i've seen the second part.. would like to see the first one...
thanks b4
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4th Album - Sentimental

So, this is probably old news, but MNET has a splash page up for the forth album with previews and pictures~
Go check it out~

ALSO, for anyone that doesn't have the three songs from the 4th album that are floating around, let me know and I'll upload them for you, or direct you to a download.
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on the 'Classic Odyssey' album is the song '내 마음의 보석 상자'
i really really love that song and on the album is a music video version of that song too, so i wanted to know, whether there will be a music video to the song?!
i feel stupid to ask that, but i want to know it for sure >.<
thanks in advance
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Recent "News"

Unfortunately, poor JinHo is sick T_T

Therefore, for the SBS Music Awards (they won Producer's Choice and were nominated for the Golden Award) they performed with only DongHa and YongJun. However, this proved how awesomely awesome they are. I think sometimes they get shoved into the background with JinHo singing :x

They also performed on the KBS Music Festival. :3 Amazing.

*Note: I don't have the following clips, the ones I'm downloading aren't moving, though, which is why I'm not posting those links*
Clubbox for KBS, entire clip pt2
Clubbox for KBS, entire clip pt3 (pt 1 doesn't have SG wannabe)

Once my clips download, I'll upload them onto a direct download server :x

SG Wannabe Gives Concerts in Tokyo


The male group SG Wannabe gave two concerts in Tokyo November 12 at the NHK Hall. Although the group has not released an album in Japan yet, it gained popularity for its song “As We Live,” which was featured as the theme song of the Korean TV drama “Sad Love Song” last year.

The group’s concert in no way lagged behind the concerts of dance groups thanks to the members’ heart-moving vocals. Both concerts drew audiences of some seven thousand fans who waved signs and balloons with the members’ names written in Korean. SG Wannabe sang its hit songs “Crime and Punishment,” “As We Live,” “Timeless,” “My Love,” “Biting My Lips” as well as remakes of hit songs of other artists such as “Between Love and Friendship” and “Treasure Box of My Heart.”

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