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sg_wannabe's Journal

SG 워너비 [SG Wannabe]
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SG 워너비

Hello and welcome to the SG 워너비 [SG Wannabe] community on LJ~! ♥ Your mods and admins for this community are fuminshou_neko & domestik_fucker. So please be respectful and listen to them when they make announcements and such. Or we'll eat you. >D

So, just a little bit of back history: SG 워너비 debuted back in 2004 with their first ablum SG WANNABE+. Since their debut, they have released a grand total of four albums: SG WANNABE+, Saldaga, Masterpiece, and a remake album (Classic Odyssey). SG 워너비 is made up of three members: David, Whyme, and Kim JinHo. Basic group information as well as profiles can be viewed here.

Rules are typical:
1. No bashing/flaming
2. Images behind LJ-cut
3. Listen to the admins/mods
4. Fanfiction, image-sharing, and music/video uploading is encouraged and allowed
5. Media (photo manips, icons, wallpapers, etc.) are allowed - just remember to LJ-cut them
6. Shounen-ai/yaoi/boi love is allowed in this community - please put a warning on anything!!
7. Have fun~ Hamu and I would really like this to be a relaxed community! ^^
8. -insert here anything else we come up with later-

Outside Links/Affiliates:
** - kpop_uploads
English Fansite
Japanese Fansite
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